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The Dog Days of Me at Bow Wow!!

Bow Wow Wow is right! This is the working title of my novel about doggies but it fits well here too! What a crazy and great 4 months it has been! On this cold and gray late January morning it is as if the 80 degree day in October when I took over was a dream! I remember all the leaves onf the trees that grace the property were changing. It was a colorful background of scarlett gold and orange for the group of day care dogs that ran and barked and played in the sun. They are here with me today and I have fallen in love with all of them! Quinn the sweetest Rott in the world and Holly Blue the class clown are here with new arrival the lab Cairo! Where's Frankie? He will be here soon and if this were high school he would be voted most popular! Kona and Maverick are guests in the kennel and they have happily finished breakfast and are waiting for their playtimes. I have a few baths and nails to do today and eagerly await the arrival of my new Director of Daycare services, Lori N. ! With 10 years of day care service to her credit she is as about as knowledgeable about dogs as anyone I have met in the industry!! So off to work and play with the doggies! Will try to keep up and to post pics as well!!

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