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Grooming Services

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Let us make your life a little easier! Our Bathing Package includes a pedicure, ear cleaning, blow dry, and brush out. Our Full Grooming Package combines the Bathing Package with a stylish hair cut from one of our professional groomers.  Additionally, our salon offers customized packages to fit your pet's specific grooming needs. Grooming is by appointment only. 

We welcome walk-in pedicures, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing services. Grooming begins at 9 am on our designated grooming days.





    We must establish grooming rules and we request that you respect these rules.  We are constantly asked, why does grooming take so long?


There are a few reasons that most do not understand about grooming.  First, we groom around 8 dogs per day or more.  We have to work very hard to get everyone's dogs groomed without booking multiple weeks out.  To groom a dog, each dog must get a bath and be completely dry prior to getting their haircut.  Drying takes time.

Your dog will not be groomed straight through from start to finish.


This is not efficient.


Grooming is a multi-step process.   All dogs are bathed, dried, and then groomed.   This is the only way to complete the volume of dogs that our business grooms on any given day.


We will call you when your dog is finished with their grooming.  Please don’t call to check on your dog.  Every time the phone rings we have to stop grooming to talk on the phone.


If there are any problems with your dog or if they are not feeling well, we will call you immediately.  We promise.  Please do not rush us while we are grooming your dog.  This disrupts our day, adds unneeded stress, and slows us down

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